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Who is Kitty O'Shea?

Katherine O’Shea, aka Katie O’Shea, has long been known as the “Most Hated Woman in Ireland”. Even her name was changed to vilify her–‘Kitty’ being a Victorian slang word for “Lady of the Night”. Her crime was to have an affair with Irish Parliament leader, Charles Stewart Parnell, ruining his reputation. Her husband, William O’Shea, knew of the affair and used Katie and her wealthy aunt to finance his own political career. Then her aunt died, so did their marriage, with William naming Parnell as a co-respondent in his divorce, thus leading to scandal. Parnell had come closer than any other leader in securing Irish independence–and she was blamed for the failure. Despite the scandals that surrounded their Love, Parnell & O’Shea later married and had 3 children... their story deemed one of the greatest love stories of all time.